Anton- UI Guru

Anton is an incredibly smart IT Professional with over 20 years of industry experience and having spent 10 focused on UI. More specifically, he has 4 years of Angular experience, 3 years of Node, 2 years of developing customer facing applications using Node (while with IBM and Grid Dynamics) and 1.5 years of experience of Ecommerce, React, Redux, and JSX. At a leading computer company, he gained ecommerce experience and worked on the Development of the an Administrative tool using Angular.js 1.3/2.0, React/Redux, HTML5, CSS3, and more. Additionally, during his time at a Bay Area networking company, he works on developing data management tools, security software for data centers, and the Prototyping and implementation of UI Secure clustering components and pages in scope of CISCO HyperFlex Manager CMS project. He can be available for a phone conversation with 1 days’ notice, an in-person meeting with 2 days’ notice, and can start given 1 weeks’ time.

  • Development REST/JSON scalable and secure web applications and reusable UI components from the ground up.
  • Proven expertise in ASP.NET MVC/WebAPI/Web Forms, classic ASP, .NET, SignalR, InfragisticsUI, TelerikUI.
  • Experience with Responsive Design using Twitter Bootstrap, Stylus, Less, SASS.
  • Experience with consuming restful JSON web services.
  • Expert in JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery, ES6, TypeScript, NodeJS, Ajax, REST, JSON, HTML5, CSS3

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Matthew Reid

I am a graduate of San Jose State University, where I received a B.S. degree in marketing. I was first introduced to recruiting through my fraternity and was instantly hooked. I enjoy interacting with others, meeting new people, and helping them achieve their goals. In my free time I enjoy hanging out at the beach with my friends, catching up on my favorite shows, and playing the occasional game of baseball.
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